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Blackboard Announces Support for Student ID Cards on iPhone and Apple Watch
Using Student ID cards on iPhone and Apple Watch, students, faculty and staff can now easily access facilities and make payments at locations on and around campus

WASHINGTON, Oct. 2, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- Blackboard today announced Blackboard Mobile Credential support for Student ID cards in Apple Wallet, which brings students the ability to add their student ID to Wallet on iPhone and Apple Watch.  Blackboard Mobile Credential support for Student ID cards in Apple Wallet creates a seamless experience for students navigating campus by offering secure access to facilities, residence halls and more, as well as payments for dining, laundry, vending and retail.

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Blackboard is the first campus credential solution provider to offer NFC-enabled contactless mobile IDs for iPhone and Apple Watch. Today's tech-savvy college students will no longer need to carry and manage multiple cards when navigating campus. To use a Student ID in Apple Wallet, students simply present their iPhone with iOS 12 or Apple Watch with watchOS 5 to enabled readers on campus.  By leveraging Apple Wallet, transactions are secure and frictionless. Additionally, colleges and universities can remotely issue mobile credentials over-the-air, quickly and securely to a student's iPhone or Apple Watch. 

The ability to add student IDs to Wallet launches today with Duke University, the University of Alabama, and the University of Oklahoma. Johns Hopkins University, Santa Clara University and Temple University will launch their programs later in the school year. These universities will use Blackboard's NFC-enabled equipment and an array of third-party NFC devices to facilitate a variety of transactions across campus, including at dining halls, athletic facilities, libraries, campus events, bookstores, laundry rooms, or off campus where student IDs are accepted. In addition, and unique to Blackboard, students will also use this single mobile credential for secure access to facilities including residence halls. 

The University of Alabama student Royce Dickerson said, "I think that bringing the Action Card to Apple Wallet will transform how we as students go about our day-to-day transactions. Conveniently being able to scan our student IDs on the devices we already carry with us will help make our lines shorter and get students going on their way a lot faster. Apple Wallet paired with the new eAccounts app makes it easier than ever to view my balance, replenish funds, and check my meal plan. I'm proud that The University of Alabama is one of the first to experience this technology and be on the forefront of new and exciting innovations to improve our campus community."

"The use of iPhone and Apple Watch as an alternative to physical ID cards is a great way to improve the student experience. Blackboard has been an innovative partner in helping us bring this capability to our campus and make access to facilities and services even easier," said Tracy Futhey, Duke University's Chief Information Officer.

Blackboard strategic partners have committed to be a part of this extensive ecosystem that facilitates the use of the mobile credential across campus.  Such partners include ASSA ABLOY, a leading provider of door opening solutions; Allegion, a leading provider of security products and solutions; and a growing list of other solution providers. 

"Students' worlds revolve around convenient mobile solutions, and they've come to expect a simple, frictionless mobile experience in all aspects of their lives, especially when it comes to the Apple devices they love and carry with them," said David Marr, President of Blackboard Transact. "Blackboard is very excited to announce support for Student ID on iPhone and Apple Watch. We truly appreciate the role our client community has played in creating a student-centric environment to support such a transformative experience for Apple users."

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