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Blackboard Expands SaaS Footprint Across North America
Global momentum of SaaS deployment continues with availability across Canada

WASHINGTON, June 13, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Blackboard Inc. today announced that it is continuing to expand its Software as a Service (SaaS) deployment of Blackboard Learn—its flagship Learning Management System (LMS)—across the globe, with the solution now available in Canada. The deployment of SaaS in Canada follows closely on the heels of its deployment in China and South Korea, serving more than 550 institutions and organizations across 25 countries. Learn SaaS clients benefit from an average uptime exceeding 99.99%, zero downtime software updates, faster release of new features and quicker delivery of fixes.

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"Deploying SaaS in Canada is indicative of our commitment to ensuring our clients in the region have the tools they need to create the highest quality digital learning environments," said Jim Chalex, Blackboard's VP of Teaching & Learning Product Management. "We are encouraged by the strong adoption of SaaS across the globe and are thrilled that our Canadian clients will now be able to experience the benefits of a cloud architecture that will enable them to focus on what matters most—student success."

The continuous delivery SaaS release is now the highest-adopted release by Learn clients. It enables instructors and learners around the world to experience the newest enhancements as soon as they are available. The cloud-based LMS solution also allows clients to enable the Ultra experience, the next-generation user interface for Blackboard Learn. Adoption of Learn Ultra is on the rise, with over 150 clients currently in production. The new interface offers educators and students immediate access to critical information and personalized insights directly within their everyday workflows.

"Our deployment of SaaS for Blackboard Learn through CANARIE is a logical evolution that reflects our institution's commitment to providing a seamless digital teaching and learning experience for our community," said Fred Gibbons, Northern College's President and CEO. "The move to SaaS is a big step for us, and Blackboard's partnership has been outstanding. We look forward to the benefits our community will experience as a result of the continuous delivery model, including access to the latest technological advancements without disrupting schedules."

SaaS clients will benefit from Blackboard's ongoing investment in the company's EdTech platform to develop innovative new capabilities designed to enhance the user experience and offer deeper, more impactful insights. 

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