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Blackboard’s Rapid Growth in Latin America Drives Company’s Expanded Presence in Region
New Regional Headquarters in Bogotá to Accommodate Growing Client Roster and Workforce

BOGOTÁ, COLOMBIA, September 10, 2019 – Blackboard Inc., a leading education technology company for teaching, learning and student engagement, today announced the expansion of its Latin America presence with the official opening of its new Latin America headquarters in Bogotá, Colombia. The move to formally establish a Latin America headquarters—located in the city’s El Chicó neighborhood—is a direct response to the incredible growth the region has experienced. By cementing its presence in the region, Blackboard aims to support anticipated future growth while bolstering its ability to better serve a rapidly growing regional client roster.

“Blackboard’s expanded presence in Bogotá is indicative of the momentum we are seeing in Latin America and our commitment to serving both our legacy and new regional clients in the most effective, innovative way possible,” said Blackboard Vice President of Latin America Martin Moreno. “We value the relationships we are building in Latin America and are investing resources—including increasing the number of employees based in Bogotá—to meet our clients’ evolving needs and increasing demand in the region to ultimately improve the online teaching and learning experience.”

Blackboard has steadily expanded its footprint in Latin America while maintaining its longstanding relationships with prestigious institutions in the region, such as Universidad de los Andes and Universidad Mayor. The design of the new, exciting and vibrant work environment will continue to fuel a culture of creativity, innovation and collaboration. Not only will the new modern office space accommodate the recent expansion of talent, it also will allow employees to continue cultivating important relationships and meeting clients’ unique needs in a more nimble manner.

Blackboard established its presence in Bogotá in 2015 with the acquisition of Nivel Siete, a leading Learning Management System provider operating in Latin America. Since that time, the Company has steadily expanded its workforce. In the past 12 months alone, the office has grown by more than 200%. Given Bogota’s reputation as a new technology hub cultivating top talent, Blackboard plans to continue accelerating workforce acquisition efforts to accommodate projected business growth in 2020.

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