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Blackboard Launches Blackboard Unite for K-12 to Enable Holistic Remote Learning Across K-12 Districts
Company accelerates districts' transition to remote learning environments through solutions and resources designed to drive long-term success

RESTON, Va., April 14, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Blackboard Inc. today announced the debut of its K-12 remote learning solution, Blackboard Unite for K-12, a holistic suite of tools and resources providing K-12 districts with the tools and best practices needed to transition to a virtual learning model.

The consolidated offering enables districts and schools to move rapidly to a new teaching and learning model that meets their unique needs in light of COVID-19 contingency planning. The solution consists of a virtual classroom, learning management system, accessibility tool, mobile app, and a services and implementation kit to help districts launch their remote learning efforts. Together, these nimble solutions are designed to support districts and schools as they move beyond a stop-gap approach and evolve into a mature virtual learning strategy model.

"We're committed to supporting K-12 districts' rapid transition to remote learning environments and developing sustainable digital teaching and learning models that meet on-going student, educator and parent needs," said Christina Fleming, Vice President of K-12 at Blackboard. "Blackboard Unite offers K-12 educators all of the resources needed to deliver high-quality teaching and learning and drive student engagement, while increasing the connection between districts, classrooms, students and parents."

Blackboard Unite helps educators build virtual spaces where students can work together, ask questions, and interact. The solution also includes critical school-to-home communication capabilities to ensure teachers, parents, and students remain connected. Educators can use the suite of tools to facilitate a personalized, comprehensive remote learning environment through:

  • Virtual real-time video conferencing and content sharing for the whole classroom or smaller break-out groups
  • Mobile and desktop enabled communication tools
  • Embedded accessibility that ensures all stakeholders can make use of materials and information
  • Easy-to-use classroom setup tools for teachers
  • Interactive classroom content tools including assessments and homework assignments

"Even before we experienced statewide school closures as a result of the COVID-19 outbreak, our district was partnering with Blackboard to expand access for all students," said Kristin Whiteaker, Director, Spokane Virtual & Blended Learning at Spokane Public Schools. "Over the past fifteen years, Spokane has been building much of the district's grade 6-12 curriculum using Blackboard's tools, which helped us make that transition to a remote teaching quickly and easily. Blackboard gave us the tools our educators needed to continue teaching, our parents needed for regular the communication and to help their children continue learning from home, and our students needed to stay in touch with teachers and to be on track in their classes."

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