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Anthology, GoPeer to deliver personalized tutoring platform for higher education institutions

BOCA RATON, Fla., May 3, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- Anthology, a leading provider of education solutions that support the entire learner lifecycle, and GoPeer, a student success platform that helps institutions manage their tutors locally or remotely, are partnering to bring more tutoring options to higher education institutions. The partnership will enable Anthology clients to deploy GoPeer as either a standalone offering or through Blackboard Assist, the tool within Anthology's Blackboard Learn that connects students to the support services they need to thrive.

"This partnership enables institutions to ensure their students have access to real-time tutoring support, when and where they need it," said Rob Sparks, Senior Vice President of Corporate Development and Partnerships at Anthology. "This is a unique opportunity, exclusively available for our client universities and colleges, to deploy a tailored platform and make personalized tutoring available to every student on campus."

GoPeer integrates technology with a near­-peer education model, connecting students to local tutors virtually. GoPeer offers institutions a customizable tutoring platform to manage their student tutors, conduct sessions, receive real-time reporting and scale to a global network of tutors as desired. In addition to providing one-to-one private tutoring to students campus-wide at no charge, institutions can also opt to provide GoPeer to students as a pay-per-use service.

"We're thrilled to partner with Anthology to provide one-on-one tutoring with the flexibility to fit students' unique scheduling needs," said Ethan Binder, co-founder and CEO of GoPeer. "Online tutoring lowers barriers and empowers students to learn from anywhere. We're excited to bring those benefits to more students across North America."

Blackboard Assist, a tool within Blackboard Learn, provides universities and colleges with an easy way to connect students to the institution's student services, Blackboard success tools, and third-party student services like GoPeer. Blackboard Assist gives students access to readily available and trusted services when and where students need them – right in the Learning Management System.  Assist is free to client institutions and available on SaaS deployments of both Learn Original and Learn Ultra. Institutions can activate Assist in the Learn administrator panel's consulting central page.

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Anthology offers the largest EdTech ecosystem on a global scale for education, recently combining with Blackboard to support more than 150 million users in 80 countries. With a mission to provide dynamic, data-informed experiences to the global education community, Anthology helps learners, leaders and educators achieve their goals through over 60 SaaS products and services designed to advance learning. Discover more about how we are fulfilling our mission for K-12, higher education, business and government institutions at


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