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Blackboard Joins the UK All-Party Parliamentary Group for Assistive Technology
The Group is run by cross-party think tank Policy Connect

LONDON, April 30 2018 – Blackboard today announced that it is joining the UK All-Party Parliamentary Group for Assistive Technology (APPGAT), a diverse group of organisations consisting of assistive technology developers, charities, and universities and colleges, to educate politicians on the incoming EU regulations surrounding accessibility of digital content.

The APPGAT will be working with Blackboard to address the issue of compliance with the EU Accessibility Directive (including advice, monitoring, and enforcement) and to provide strategic-level guidance to Higher and Further Education Providers.  

The APPGAT is run by think tank Policy Connect, a cross-party organisation focused on improving people’s lives by influencing policy in areas like education, sustainability, energy and innovation. Through a number of different all-party parliamentary groups, Policy Connect collaborates with Government and Parliament, and across the public, private and third sectors to develop policy ideas. 

“Policy Connect is pleased to announce that Blackboard is joining the APPGAT,” said Robert McLaren, Manager of the APPGAT. “Together with our associate members we want public policy that takes advantage of technology to make society inclusive for all – our mission is to engage Parliament, Government and civil society to make that a reality.”

“I’m very excited about joining the APPGAT,” said Nicolaas Matthijs, Director of Product Management, Accessibility at Blackboard. “Policy and policy awareness are very useful and necessary instruments in getting to a place where digital accessibility and easy availability of digital content in alternative formats is the norm, for the benefit of all content consumers. We’ve come a long way in achieving this for physical accessibility, we now have to do the same for digital accessibility.”

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