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Griffith University Transitions to the SaaS Deployment of Blackboard Learn
Academics, staff and students to reap benefits of a cloud-based solution delivering greater efficiency and flexibility

BRISBANE, Australia, Jan. 30, 2019 -- Griffith University, a leading higher education institution recognised across Australia and the Asia-Pacific region for its innovation and research, has transitioned its Blackboard virtual learning environment (VLE) to a Software as a Service (SaaS) delivery model.  This deployment removes the complexities of running or updating the University’s software and infrastructure and provides Griffith University with several enhancements, including reduced costs of change management processes, zero downtime updates and quicker delivery of new features.

One of Blackboard’s earliest Australian clients, Griffith University made the decision to move to Blackboard Learn as a SaaS solution following a thorough review of the solutions currently available on the market.  The institution will also proceed to a full implementation of the Ultra experience, the next-generation user interface of Blackboard Learn, by the end of 2019.

Prior to transitioning to the SaaS deployment, the University engaged in an initial migration simulation, a process that was key for an institution of its size, particularly when taking into consideration the scale of its database of content.  Working directly with Blackboard, the University was able to tailor the entire transition process to its specific needs, ensuring that students and teachers could continue to work towards their academic goals without disruption. 

“Moving to a SaaS deployment, with its continuous delivery model is a first, important step,” said Professor Michael Sankey, Deputy Director, Learning Transformations in Learning Futures at Griffith University. “For us it involved a sort of cultural adaptation, since we have always been in total control over when updates where rolled out or over the testing processes.  That’s why we decided to initially keep the Original experience of Blackboard Learn and to proceed with a staged implementation of the Ultra experience over the course of 2019.  We are extremely pleased that Blackboard will be on our side in this journey.”

“We look forward to continue working closely with Griffith University as they move to fully embrace the advantages of a cloud-based approach to teaching and learning and leverage the benefits of the Ultra experience, thanks to its streamlined interface and simplified workflows,” said Chris Eske, Executive Director for Australia and New Zealand at Blackboard. “Our goal is to provide best of breed solutions to institutions like Griffith University as they progress building seamless, dynamic and agile strategies that address challenges within their institution, the sector as a whole and to help drive student success.”

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