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IESB implements Blackboard Learn Ultra
Next-generation user interface enables success of students and teachers

SÃO PAULO, March 28 2019 – Blackboard announced that the Instituto de Educação Superior de Brasília (IESB), a center for higher education located in Brasilia (Brazil), has fully implemented the Ultra experience of Blackboard Learn, the company’s flagship learning management system (LMS). 

A client of Blackboard for almost two decades, IESB has successfully leveraged Blackboard Learn to create an engaging online environment for its students and drive their academic outcomes. Considering the sharp increase in the number of distance learners in Brazil–according to the National Institute of Educational Studies and Research INEP they account for 21.7 percent of total enrolled students in higher education–IESB decided to future-proof its education technology platform by transitioning to the Software as a Service (SaaS) deployment of Blackboard Learn and leverage the multiple benefits of the cloud delivery model, including high scalability, zero-downtime updates and faster delivery of features.

To further building on the advantages of the SaaS deployment, IESB implemented the Ultra experience, the next- generation user interface of Blackboard Learn that features modern design, improved accessibility, streamlined workflows and direct access to personalized information and insights. Together with Learn Ultra, IESB also leverages the advantages of other solutions fully integrated and directly accessible from the LMS, including Blackboard Collaborate, a web conferencing application built for learning, and SafeAssign, a plagiarism detector tool.

“We are witnessing an explosion in the number of distance learners, and we needed to be well prepared to answer the needs of these students,” said Renato Dutra, Director of Distance Learning at IESB. “Thanks to the SaaS deployment and Blackboard Learn Ultra, we are able to deliver all the recent innovations of education technology right in the hands of our students and teachers, and help them achieve academic success.”

“We are thrilled to continue our work with IESB,” said Bruno Weiblen, Commercial Director of Grupo A, Blackboard’s Channel Partner for Brazil. “More and more Brazilian institutions are looking to embrace the advantages of SaaS, and IESB is at the forefront of this change. We look forward to bringing them all the benefits of the cloud computing associated with the powerful features of the Ultra experience.”

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