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California Departments of Technology and HR Select Blackboard as an Approved LMS Provider for State Agencies
Blackboard will serve as a next generation digital learning environment for California government agencies

WASHINGTON, D.C. (July 31, 2018) – The California Department of Human Resources (CalHR) and California Department of Technology (CDT) have approved Blackboard’s learning management solution for use by government agencies statewide. The award-winning learning management solution will be provided to state agencies by Blackboard and Taborda, a value-added reseller and solutions company offering IT products, services, and solutions throughout the U.S.

As part of the approval, CDT and CalHR are now offering multiple Blackboard products and services as a new Vendor Hosted Subscription Service (VHSS). As a state-approved vendor, Blackboard’s solution will provide comprehensive security of employee personal data, and allow for a centralized view of an employee’s training across their career with the state. The solution will serve as a central repository for all employee training information, including compliance tracking for mandated training; professional development opportunities for employees; and departmental training workflows.

The decision is part of CDT and CalHR’s Enterprise Human Resource (EntHR) strategy, a state-wide, cross-agency initiative designed to improve employee processes and data statewide. Previously, HR processes, procedures and reporting have typically been manual across departments. Now, EntHR is providing solutions that promote statewide interoperability and data sharing across departments, giving the state of California the ability to collect more accurate and comprehensive employee HR data in a central repository.

Taborda and Blackboard’s offering provides state and local governments a solution that delivers more than a standard learning management system. Other features include fully integrated learner registration, self-regulated tracking, ecommerce, and enterprise reporting systems and tools; a web conferencing and collaboration solution; revolutionary technology to make digital course content more accessible; and a workflow automation system that helps organizations manage, approve and track employees.

This offering will provide the government and the public with the benefits of a connected learning and training experience, data-driven insights, and flexible solutions with the goal of improving the employee training experience, increasing convenience, and reducing overall training costs.

“We’re proud to be selected by CalHR and CDT as an approved learning management solution provider,” said Bryna Dash, Vice President, Government at Blackboard. “Blackboard and Taborda look forward to partnering with government agencies statewide to help them provide their employees with the flexible professional development, training, and online learning they need to be successful.”

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